Feather Cosmetic by Sarah Jayne

Feather Cosmetic

Eye & Brow Artistry by Sarah Jayne


We offer a range of treatment that will enhance your eyes and brows. Having the perfect eyebrows is everything a woman needs in life!

We have a passion for styling eyebrows and recreating brows with cosmetic tattoo to suit each individual client face shape.


They say your eyes are the windows to our souls so why not pretty up your lashes with a lash lift (lash perm) or lash extensions.

Enhancing and framing your eyes with cosmetic tattooing can either be a shuttle enhancement or a dramatic statement.

Price List For Eyes & Brows

Feather Touch Brows $600
Upper Eyeliner or Upper Lash Enhancement $350
Lower Eyeliner or Lower Lash Enhancement $300
Retouch (4—6 weeks later) $100
Volume Lash Extensions $150
Full Set Lash Extensions $110
Natural Set Lash Extensions $80
Lash Lift (Lash Perm) $60
Lash Tinting $20
Brow Tinting $15
Brow Sculpting (including wax) $20
Brow Tidy (including wax) $15

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Feather Touch & Shaded Brows

As having perfect eyebrows have become an absolute essential for every woman in recent years, Feather touch eyebrow tattooing is now the number one treatment leading the beauty/cosmetic industries.

Finding a renowned technician is a must, because let's face it... it is a massive commitment to trust someone with your face with something so permanent. We have over 10 years experience with eyebrow styling and perform every procedure with precision and care.

There are a a few different techniques when it comes to Feather touch brows, the use of traditional hand-tools and as of recent years rotary machines. We use the number one worldwide medical grade digital machine the Nouveau Contour.

We offer 2 different techniques and style of brow when it come to Feather touch eyebrow artistry, a natural hair stroke or you can add more density to create a fuller eyebrow. Our experienced technician Sarah Jayne will discuss in detail the options and give you professional advice on which style, colour choice and eyebrow shape would be best suited to your face shape and skin tone.


Eyeliner/Lash Enhancements

When it comes to framing your eyes with cosmetic tattoo there is a few different options that we offer. There is a tradition eyeliner for upper and lower or lash enhancements. Many women are opting for a lash enhancement as you can always add if you are going out for an evening and want to create more of an eyeliner.

So let me explain a lash enhancement; a lash enhancement is lots of fine little dots joined together to create a soft eyeliner enhancement rather than a hard eyeliner edge. Lash enhancement goes through the lashes so when your eyes are closed it is undetectable however once the eye is open it has a beautiful frame around the eyes which makes the eyes pop! We love this treatment.

Learn more about Feather Touch Brows

Feather touch brows is a semi- permanent procedure that generally last up to 2 years depending on client care and depth of colour.

You will need to have 2 treatments in total for completion of your brows. Your first initial appointment, then a Retouch/ perfection treatment 3-8 weeks later.

Let's talk through the procedure so you are feeling at ease and understand the process of feather touch brows. First things first we will get you numbing! It is one of the most common questions asked "does it hurt?" So let's be honest, some clients do find it uncomfortable and others don't feel it at all. However with the use of numbing cream it absolutely takes the edge off. We do 2-3 passes over each eyebrow the first pass over is a little uncomfortable however after that we promise you won't feel a thing and we are happy to take the time with you for your comfort.

While you are numbing we will go through Medical history forms and talk you through you aftercare. You will also have an aftercare form to take home the will instruct you on care of your new feathery brows.

Once these forms are completed we will discuss colour choice. We will put a range of pigments on the back of your hand that will suitable for your skin tone and allow you to choose your favourite colour with the help of our technician's professional advice.

Once your colour has been chosen we are ready to start discussing the shape and style of your eyebrow. You will be able to make our technician aware of any particular things you are wanting to achieve.

We will remove the numbing cream, measure precisely and drawn an outline of your brows so you are able to see exactly the shape you are going to have before going ahead with the tattoo so there is no need to feel uneasy about outcome. After this has all been completed we are able to start your brow treatment and give you a perfect set of new feather touch brows to enjoy!

You will need to allow 2 hours for each treatment.

Please note: This treatment can not be performed whilst pregnant or breastfeeding. You will also need to be 18 years of age.

We offer a FREE 10 minute consultation with our technician Sarah Jayne.

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Lash Lifts/Perming & Lash Extensions

Making your lashes stand out and look amazing? Why not? Do you ever wake up first thing in the morning and look in the mirror and think wow I look so tired? We do! Having a lash lift or lash extensions changes this and gives you that little something that makes us all feel a little prettier.

If your a no maintenance type of girl then a lash lift/ perm is for you! It last up to 8 weeks with no aftercare in between. Basically this treatment will lift your natural lashes from the base of your eyelid and add some curl, this is perfect for those of you with straight lashes and need to put on a whole heap of mascara just to lift them slightly.

Lash extensions is a number one go to when it comes to adding length and curl we offer individual lashes in varies lengths and thicknesses to suit any style of lash you are wanting to achieve.

We offer lashes that are for professional application only, offering silk, synthetic lashes and volume. These extensions feel gorgeous and natural and will not irritate your eyes.

A qualified technician will apply an individual lash to a single natural lash of your own. Depending on your desired look, natural lash placement or a full glamourous look anywhere from 50 - 120 lashes are applied to each eye.

Once you have had a lash application you can walk out the door with stunning lashes with out even applying mascara. Throw those mascara wands out ladies!

Make your eyes flirt with full, dark, volume extensions. Once you have had lash extensions you never go back!

Frequently asked questions about Lash Extensions

How long do lash extensions last?

The life span of your natural lash cycle is 60-90 days. Once you have had your lash extension application they will stay in place for the life of your natural lash. To keep your extensions looking full and fresh, infills are required every 2-4 weeks.

How long does a lash application take?

Depending if your going for a natural or more glamourous look application takes between 60-90 minutes.

Are lashes applied individually?

Yes, an individual synthetic lash is placed on an individual natural lash of your own.

How many lashes are applied?

Depending on the desired look, natural or more glamourous, anywhere from 50-120 lashes per eye.

Do lash extensions damage my natural lashes?

Defiantly not! The application is very gentle on your natural lashes. Medical grade glue is used and is completely safe. Extensions are not placed near your skin or at the base of you natural lash follicle.

Can I choose the length of my extensions?

Absolutely! The lengths vary from 8mm - 14mm. Thickness sizes range from 1.5- 2. The look you desire, we can create!

I have sensitive eyes will lash extensions irritate my eyes?

I have done many lash applications and have never had a client have a reaction this far. However, on a rare occasion you may find someone could have a mild reaction. If this occurs lash extensions can be removed safely.

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